Who wants more money?

It's not a bad thing to want more and want to protect and grow what we have. Money is NOT a dirty word! It’s in fact the reason why many of us work, and why many of us started businesses. Whilst we might state we started business for freedom or to have choices, or lifestyle – reality is that it’s money that gives us lifestyle and the freedom to make choices.

Money GemStones is about giving you the knowledge, information and skills to grow your money, save it and not lose it. There is an option and program for every budget and need:

John NSAA Web Photo 150x150 Money GemStones “If you want to thrive personally, your business to grow and be more grounded and enjoy a higher level of success, then Donna Stone’s Money GemStones is a must for you”
- Dr John Hinwood, Founder, Expect A Miracle School

Lynne 150x150 Money GemStones “I believe having a healthy relationship with money is a gift to be valued, priceless. Some people learn from good role models but it does take training and discipline. Donna is a great money coach. She gives practical tips, has an effective style and by having this weekly coaching it will help anyone build a sustainable money mindset.”
- Lynne Sturgess, Director / Finance Specialist at Precision Loans (0422 615 413) – finance designed for you.

So what makes Donna the expert?

Donna Stone Money GemStones

Donna Stone is the founder and CEO of Stone Consulting; a multi Award winning bookkeeping and consulting business as well as being the founder of a second successful bookkeeping business, based in Far North Queensland, known as DollarWise Bookkeeping. With Donna’s 30 years’ experience (as well as formal qualifications) she is acknowledged as an industry expert, and it’s through this knowledge, expertise and real life experience that she is able to offer the tips, education and pointers that members will receive through Money GemStones.   She is the author of currently 3 business tips books, a dozen e-books, audios, and has been a regular contributor for a number of National magazines for several years. She is passionate about helping others succeed in their businesses, this is the reason she started her latest business venture – Money GemStones.  She is about ensuring your success.

Money Making Opportunities for You

There are opportunities for you to make money by becoming an Affiliate.  In other words, sell the program to your network, associates and connections and for each sign on you earn a once off commission.   Yes, there are conditions – so if you would like to know more, simply email me at donna@moneygemstones.com.   And obviously the more people you put on, the more opportunity for income.  I am using Infusionsoft to track Affiliate leads, so you will be abe to see clearly what you have brought in, by using your specialist link in promo and marketing.